Each member of our wine club will receive a club card in the first shipment that is good for 2 free wine tastings annually, 1/2 off  Native Vines Winery ticketed events and 10% off all purchases when at the winery. Wine Club releases will be created 4 times a year and will include 3 bottles per release, that’s 12 bottles per year. These releases will be shipped or available for pick up, each release will charge the credit card on file with a 10% discount on each bottle.


Dry Wine Club

Join our Dry Wine Club to receive Native Vines Winery’s finest bottles throughout the year. Shipments will include a selection of both dry Red and White wines as well as a selection of Seasonal Wines.

Semi-Sweet Wine Club

Enjoy our most popular Semi-Sweet Wines all year long, included are Warhorse Red, White Buffalo, Green and Raspberry Tea Wines as well as our Sangria.

Sweet Wine Club

Enjoy your favorite sweet wines throughout the year including Green Apple, Blackberry & Redhawk – Seasonal Sweet Wines will be included to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our delicious options.

Winemakers Choice


Winemaker chooses their best 3 wines each Quarter to share with club members. It will be a mix of dry, semisweet and sweet, red and white. For the adventurous wine drinker that enjoys all kinds of Great Quality wine.